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Repair and disassembly guides for Epson printer.The company was founded in 1942 as Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd., but merged with another company in 1959 to create Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd.

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WF-3620 Print Head will not fully clean, see more

Hello! I will be so thankful for any help at all.

My Epson Workforce 3620 stopped printing clearly, with words in a Microsoft document printing with lines through them and spotchy to where you can't read some sentences in a full document.

It randomly started doing it so I replaced the ink cartridges and it has continued to do it. I know how to replace the ink cartridges as I pulled off the yellow "Remove" sticker and kept everything else, of course inserting it with the top-label side facing me until I heard a click.

I have used the "Maintenance" settings multiple - and by that I mean, roughly 30 or so - times of each Print Head Alignment (vertical & horizontal), Head Cleaning, Nozzle Check, and the roller cleaner option.

At first, I called Epson Customer Service. The person walked me through the maintenance steps, though I had done them several times, and told me that it must be the ink cartridges so they sent me all new ones free of charge. When I put them in, the issues were still happening and I ran through the maintenance settings again. When I called Epson back and provided a reference number, they had no idea what reference number I had and had me running through the maintenance steps again though I had assured them it was more than that, I work from home, need to get it fixed. I swear to you, this lady insisted that I must re-try the maintenance settings after already doing it one the phone with her and telling her that I did them on my own. There are no Epson repair centers in my area as well.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know of anything I can do? I am not really able to just buy a new one, since i just bought this one in December of 2017.

Thank you

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It is still under warranty. Contact Epson for a repair for free.

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I have a similar problem (I get light/unreadable print on several lines) and the same experience with Epson help desk. In my case, the warranty has expired so the offered me a whole 15 percent off a new one. The shame of it is that I really loved this printer when it was working.

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It seems a lot of people have printing problems with this printer. We pulled the print heads to clean since none of the other ways worked. Even ultrasonic cleaning did not solve the issue. Epson will not sell anything with regards to the print heads. Print heads on eBay are almost all refurbished and come Hong Kong. The single supplier of new heads from Hong Kong wanted close to $100.00 for the heads. That is within $20.00 of the price I paid for the printer new. Also started getting Error Code 0x97 today and nothing seems to fix it either.

I love the printer the way it works, but It looks like a new printer will be in the works. Probably not a Epson with the design of their print heads.


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Boycott Epson. They’re aware of the issues and still selling them. Bought a new 3620 and that’s money I won’t get back. It makes sense for them not to sell print heads. If they decide to, it’ll cost almost as much as a new printer. Don’t recommend to friends like I was.

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