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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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I try to print a multiple page document. It prints ONE sheet, no more

It prints only ONE sheet. I have to cancel the rest of the job and send it one sheet at a time. It used to not do this, it just suddenly started doing this recently.

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No. I have had it for some time. The issue just started a day or two ago.


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What happens after the first sheet is printed?

What OS (Operating System - Windows 7, 8.1. 10 or Mac OS X ?) is installed in the computer that the printer is connected to?

Update (03/11/2018)


Check whether the print spooler file is too full with uncleared print jobs and needs to be cleared out.

Here's a video on how to do it

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Yes. I tried collated, un-collated. The first time, it printed 3 of 4 pages then stopped. Now it prints only 1 page then stops. I can send it one page at a time, but, not more than one. I have done nothing different than I did before. This just suddenly started happening out of nowhere. I am on Windows 7. I have had the printer for several years. (I think about 5 years). The computer I have had for about 2 years.


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did you buy this recently?

id contact epson's customer support. sounds like a bug with the software.

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