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My sewing machine isnt feeding the fabric through, how do I fix this

I have a Montgomery Ward sewing machine. and I'm having issues with the feed dogs, At the moment it wont feed the material through the machine. Where do you adjust the feed dogs at?

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Hi @olaola ,

Have you ensured that the feed dog teeth are free from lint? If they are clogged use a brush to clean them.

Have you ensured that the stitch setting is not too fine?

What is the model number of your machine?


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Hi Ola,

Unfortunately I haven’t worked with Montgomery  machines before, but guess you could try this first:

First of all, under any circumstances - don't pull fabric through your machine. Stop and take the needle plate (throat plate) off the machine and the bobbin and bobbin case out. Clean thoroughly.

Make sure the drop feed lever is all the way to the right. If you're not sure, slide it all the way to the left, then completely back to the right.

Also check that your feed dog gear isn't cracked.

Reassemble, making sure the throat plate is attached and screws are tightened firmly -- but don't put thread on top of the machine or a needle in the bobbin case. Set the stitch length as long as it will go. When you turn the handwheel, you should see the feed dogs rising slightly above the level of the throat plate.

Here’s a nice guide on re-threading, just in case:

Then place a single sheet of paper under the presser foot and "sew". Is it moving? Are the perforations the correct length apart?

- If not, it's probably due for a trip to the shop.

- If it works on paper but not on fabric once you've rethreaded, inspect the thread path for something a thread is hanging up on.

If this matters, my machine is Brother PQ1500SL.

I also recommend using a walking foot when sewing through thick layers (yes, fabrics might cause the problem too, so make sure your machine is capable of sewing them).

Hope it helps.

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