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replaced motor on riding tractor

replaced my 18hp briggs and stratton with a 18hp Vanguard engine. everything matched up but the starter. old engine had a piggyback solenoid new one will have a stand alone. everything is hooked up but not getting starter to engage. able to jump it and get the starter to turn. the old starter had two wires on the bottom and one wire hooked to the side using a paddle connection. do I need to run a wire direct from the key to the new solenoid,

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I dont know if this machine is same circited as honda but, If you can remember there old order that it was on the old machine, if something is missing then check where is gone and connect it to red wire or on the chassis. A multi meter will help you chose where to connect it. On honda models , when you connect a certain wire on the chassis , it turn of the engine.


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Hey Ken.

I believe you will need to bring power from terminal “S” on your ignition switch directly to the starter solenoid. The solenoid will also need to be grounded.

Of course, you also need the positive cable from the battery coming in to one solenoid post, and on the other post have another cable (same gauge) serving as the positive going to the starter.

Depending on your model and engine features, you may also need to address a couple other circuits, like for a regulator, or a fuel solenoid, etc.

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The solenoid does two things: it closes a circuit that can flow lots of amps to the starter motor, and it sounds like your solenoid is doing that. So the little gear spins like crazy. But it spins in the air because the other thing solenoids do is lever the little gear against the “flywheel” or some gear that is attached to the crankshaft - that’s what turns the engine. Your separate solenoid is not doing that. Close but no cigar.

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