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iPhone 6 Plus with no display. Advise

Hi, I got a iPhone 6 Plus for 5$ knowing it was not working. I was told the phone has Touch IC Disease and after letting it charge for awhile there is also no display at all. I am thinking of repairing it. I can easily replace the screen but the touch IC I would have to let a pro repair that. Sense it is a verizon iPhone and i have verizon i might use it. Any ideas?

Update (03/27/2018)

Forgot to mention. It power on fine as i can plug it into my computer and it sees the phone perfectly. It also does not vibrate when the switch is changed nor plugged in.

Update 2 (03/27/2018)

After talking with the original owner of the device i asked about the vibrate and he said that it stopped working about a year ago so either way i will have to fix that if it want to fix this phone. As for the screen i think replacing it will bring it back to life but for the touch IC i would have to send it to someone who handles those repairs.

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to get the IC fixed etc. this @refection is the right person ;-)


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The Touch Disease repair is certainly not a DIY repair, you are wise to have that done by a pro. The "no display" problem could be just the screen. However my concern here is that this phone may have gone through a previous repair attempt and that may have damaged the backlight or LCD driver circuit.

Before investing any money on this phone, I would open it up, remove the logic board and check to see if it looks like a Touch IC replacement was attempted.

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