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Is there any good way to convert to PAL-N from NTSC?

I have a Toshiba REGZA 40E200U. Even though I could use a device in the middle between the coaxil connection and the tv like a vcr, or a dvd or something like that, I would like to know if there is any other way.

The tv of course is in black and white right now,



Cable: PAL-N


Thanks for everything

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any converters I found were expensive, (~100) probably a good call to use a cheap vcr or something.


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You have named your best choices. Plus if you think about it a vcr or dvd player are very reasonably priced and add function, many even have tuners.

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There are some converters but they are a little on the high end right here "Some DVD players (usually lesser known brands) include an internal transcoder and the signal can be output in NTSC-M, with some video quality loss due to the system's conversion from a 625/50 PAL DVD disc to the NTSC-M 525/60 output format. A few DVD players sold in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay also allow a signal output of NTSC-M, PAL, or PAL-N. In that case, a PAL disc (imported from Europe) can be played back on a PAL-N TV because there are no field/line conversions, quality is generally excellent." There us alot of informstion on this at WikipediaSo you will definitely have one or another device in between your carrier and the TV. Hope this helps.

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