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Help replaced screen now it's not working

Ok so I cracked my screen about three days ago was still able to use the phone LCD and all that was ok just the glass was broke so i bough a replacement for it and replaced it last night at first I put everything together and before I closed it and put my final screws in I turned it one to check if it was all working and it was so I fit it into the back and the screen went of like it was restarting opened it back up everything was placed right but now I was just getting a constant iTunes logo but nothing else so checked the connections again all done in the right spot but for the last time I put it all back together now all I get is just a lite backscreen I don't know what to do plz help

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If the orginal screen was not damaged during removal, reinstall it and see if the iPhone boots correctly. If it does then it could be the replacement screen causing issues.

While the replacement screen is installed connect it to the computer with iTunes installed and see it is recognized. I’ve installed repacement screens, worked first time through. Then other repairs had to do it 4-5 times because the small connectors are not seated all the way down.

Another place to check is if the home button Touch ID flex cable is sitting all the way down in the screen. I’ve connected the flex cable, installed the small metal cover, reconnected the screen, turned on the phone, booted all the way up and yet the touch screen was lagging and not functioning correctly. Found that even though the screen appeared to be flush with the iPhone base, it was actually slightly crooked, which causes the screen to work inconsistently.

Important thing is to make sure iTunes recognizes the iPhone and all the data is intact.

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True original didn't work either iTunes did pick it up but nothing is working


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maybe your Backlight IC was broken. While you replace the screen, you didn't put off the battery. It can made the backlight IC blown up.

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