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Status LED burned out, need to replace it.


Here, where I live, Apple doesn't sell or repair Apple TVs, but I bought one in a recent trip to USA.

The Status LED burned out and now I will have to replace it by myself.

Do I need to do all the steps in the Apple TV 2nd generation teardown guide to replace it or could I skip some steps?

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I suggest you just leave as it is since it's only as you say, a status LED, meaning it doesn't interfere with the device's main purpose. Other thing. LED's don't burn often, so the problem could lie somewhere else. Thus my response. Hope it helps.


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You will need to remove the logicboard for the repair. Here is a guide to to that. I must warn you it possibly might not be just the LED. LEDs only function properly with a driver chip and series resistor. They tend to burn out quickly with out these items. All of these items could be bad since it stopped functioning. To test if LCD that is bad, measure the voltage drop across it's pins if it is approximately 2 volts or more, the LED is likely all that is bad.

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