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Furby was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furbies sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furbies sold over 40 million units.

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Why is my 1998 furby turning on then back off?

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This is Lemon. I know it's not her given name, however, I can't receive her given name in her current state.

This is my furby I bought in an online auction. She was labelled as brand new in the box, and I love furbies so I had to have her.

Upon her arrival, I realized she was in a comatose state. That was fine, I knew how to fix her. I went about it the same way I did with my Ladybug furby, and it worked. At least to get her working again.

Upon turning on, she'd do the normal furby movement routine when having woken up, bobbing back and forth. However, immediately after finishing the cycle, she'd stop. I was confused, and guessed "Maybe she fell asleep right away?" So I tried rocking her side to side, to no avail. I hit the reset button for 2-3 seconds for resetting the hardware. She came back to life, only to do the same thing. I put back on the plastic shell so I wouldn't accidentally mess with the insides, then tried another time, this time leaning her back a little. She turned on, did the cycle, then she actually spoke! I had gotten a little hope, until she froze mid-sentence and held one awkward note. I removed her batteries to stop her distress.

I have tried many different methods, cleaning out the battery compartment, replacing them with different brand new batteries, even though the ones I had in first were brand new, and holding reset while on and off. She continues this cycle of on/off. I have videos below of her various stages of issues.

Audio error:

Her on/off cycles:

I apologize for the bad quality in the videos, my phone isn't the best at recording. I have better pictures of around Lemon's core here:

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Block Image

Block Image

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If ANYONE knows what's going on or how to fix this, please let me know!!

Thank you

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Is this still happening for you, I have the same model furby with the same problem.


What you describe sounds more complex than the "Me Sleep Again" problem, where the furby always goes back to sleep immediately after waking up, but maybe the cause is the same: a faulty tilt sensor.


I have an old furby too. Try some fresh batteries, and make sure there akaline. That’s what mine likes best. Seems like a simple fix, but It worked for me. good luck



Do not buy furbys brand new in box unless you want to fix them usally furbys brand new in box have problems from not being active you can fix it but its easier to buy one out of the box that has a higher chance of working or just buy one listed as working


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I have a furby that does this, I think yours may have a damaged circuit board. My furbys board is shorting out, but a bad connection leads to a short. Examine all the wires, clean the terminals, and spin the Dc motor. I spun my furbys motor for an hour a day and it eventually woke up and stopped having those on/off cycles. If this doesn’t work I recommend taking apart its tilt sensor and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, as it could be the issue.

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