Mac suddenly died, won’t turn on and shows no sign of life

So I was using my macbook and everything seemed to be fine, there were no indicators that there was anything wrong with the device. Suddenly it shut down and now it shows no signs of life whatsoever. It won’t turn on, won’t charge, the fans don’t start up, etc. I’ve tried some of the fixes offered online, like holding the power button for 10 seconds and then plugging in the charger, to no avail. Any idea what could possibly be wrong?

Really, the only issue that I knew my Mac had as of today was that the startup disk was almost full. Aside from that it seemed to be running fine. A while ago I went through a period where I had to reset the PRAM a number if times, but the past few months or so I haven’t had any issues. Do you think the issue is just the RAM?

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