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First released January 2015, The XPS 13 laptop aims to be a contender for MacBook Air, with a "virtually borderless infinity display" and touch-screen upgrade option.

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Battery replacement in 9343 model


does anyone knows is it possible to replace battery in 9343 model (52Wh) with battery from 9350 (56Wh) or 9360 (60Wh) model?


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According to Ebay, it looks like 9343 and 9350 are using interchangeable batteries.

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As I see, 9350 and 9360 have 7.6V, as 9343 has 7.4V battery.

My Dell partner sais every model has it’s own battery part number and that batteries aren’t compatible with each other.

So, I don’t know anymore, can anyone confirm?


@userniko see this sale. This is a geniune Dell battery, and it can be used for both.


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