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Home Button and Touch I.D

I work at a cell phone repair shop and we have all been in the business for a while. So you know what were working with we use all OEM lcds not just the typical "A" grade but true apple LCDs if it doesnt have the stamp we don't buy it, yes it costs more but zero issues normally. Onto my question we did an iPhone 7 battery flawlessly turned device off removed heat covers unplugged battery then lcd then front flex. screen was removed properly we've done it thousands of times before, we put the new battery in and boom home button completely docent work. I know, "well obviously dummy you broke it." well no we didn't there was no physical damage on the button or ribbon cables we've done it so many times you get a touch on how to remove these screens so we tried soft reset, system restore new battery nothing worked. lately we tried a new screen and it works. i know if the ribbon connectors on the lcd side get damaged the phone won't boot and touch id will fail but with no physical marks i was wondering if anyone experienced or had some insight on it. ill answer any question you may have just very curious technician. Thank you.

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this issue can happen pretty easily. you stated that when you tried a new screen and it works? what is "It" in this instance? i am under the impression that the device itself is now fully functional, including the home button? if this is the case, it is likely that something has happened to the flex on the screen that extends from the home button, to the Mainboard.

much like the 6s, the home button extension flex is built into the screen assembly. perhaps something has tugged and torn, or even ESD had occurred to fry out that part?

without handling the part, i cant really say for sure, but if the new screen fixed the home button failure, than that is what happened. The majority of the flex is underneith the 3D touch panel of the LCD assembly.

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i agree most likely there was an issue with the part as it connects to the mother board I'm going to be testing the screen in question thats not registering home buttons now. this has only ever happened to us one time but because the replacement screen fixed the issue its clear its not the home button but an issue with the ribbon connected to the lcd. just wondering how this happened is what has us stumped.


the flex goes under the screen panel. even a small amount of improperly placed torque could cause a tear in a location not visible without disassembling the part.

ALSO, it could have been just that the new screen came with a defect in the flex. perhapse you got a faulty part?


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I too work as a repairer for an online retailer, we are repairing lots of iPhone 7's. Sounds to me like the flex has been nicked near the connector plate, have you examined it under a microscope? These ribbons seem super fragile compared to other models. Another possibility could be that you mention you have genuine Apple LCD, these must be reconditioned screens (if not then please tell me who your supplier is) which may have been damaged by whoever removed them or re-glasses them.

Other than that maybe some of the black foam that surrounds the connectors got trapped in the connector?

Have you tried this screen on another phone?

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