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The Brother MFC-440CN is an all-in-one color inkjet printer with a photo bypass tray first introduced in 2001.

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Will not print ink to paper

Printer (or copy mode) doesn't put ink on the paper when printing

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Hi @dstayner ,

Have you tried performing a printhead clean? You didn't say.

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howdo you clean the "printhead? New ink cartridge, won't go through machine . Says no ink when you try to print.


Hi @mamdot ,

Did you try the printhead clean instructions as per the link above? (scroll down to sect.1 to view how to perform a printhead clean from the printer's control panel.)

Does it say no ink when you tried this?

Which colour is saying "no ink"?


We put in four brand new ink cartridges and nothing will print, not test pages nor other print jobs. We ran the printer head cleanings five times and all we get are blank pages. Cleanings also use up ink so we've lost ink with no printouts. Could the inkjet nozzles be clogged and if so, where can we find authorized dealers/repairers?


Hi @ Harriet Garner,

Just verifying that you did a "print Quality check" using the printer's control panel as well as a test print from your computer just to prove whether the problem is with the printer and not with the computer or computer and printer?Here's a link to the User Manual (scroll to p.148) that shows how to do it.

Apologies if you have tried it this way also.

As for authorized repairers, just search online for Brother printer repairs for your location


Hi guys i put new Toner but while i am printing the documents just got white notthing print. please help me how to slove this problem


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Check Computer and Cable Connection: To begin with, should your brother printer has been wireless demands wi fi to work afterward it can due to improper online connection. Furthermore, due to that, when you haven't entered the password of wi fi you're unable to join your own printer. If computer and your printer or another apparatus aren't connected correctly or using the device that was appropriate.

Assess Ink Label: still another reason that may cause this kind of issue is that your reduce Ink from the printer. When the printer doesn't need ink also this matter can be faced by you.

Assess Printer Cartridge: in the event you haven't mended the cartridge correctly or if it's not of excellent quality is one of those reasons due to that you're stuck in this type of circumstance.

When the printer driver atmosphere isn't placed fix it.

Due to that you're stuck, and then there may be different problems. Also also to understand just how to solve my buddy printer prints pages topics you're able to follow the steps below.

To start with, you ought to press the Windows key in your own system and under All Programs choose the Windows System.

After that, by launching the Tools folder that you want to look at that the Printer's possessions.

Then, you are expected to click the Advanced option and then click on the Printer process or option.

Then, You Need to Find that the Winprint beneath the Printing Processor.

Additional, Beneath the Advanced Tab, you have to assess"Keep published documents" when it's assessed and then click Apply option.

In case your printer prints properly, then a issue is resolved.

This is Brother printer is going to soon be solved and prints the way. Just if the matter is still seen by you, you need to attempt to reinstall and uninstall the Brother MFL-Pro Software Suite. It can be downloaded by you on line or in the event that there is a computer software CD, utilize it to re install the program.

In the event the Brother Printer difficulty persists, then you have to go to with the service page of Printer to resolve the problem brother printer printing blank pages. Going forward, the remedy can be checked by you .

Next, pick the Brother Printer Driver which you would like to delete from this list.

In the event that you never locate the Printer driver name from the listing, then click on the"+" and button on the legumes section on the other hand.

Additionally, you are expected to click okay or Delete Printer as a way to ensure the procedure.

When you've got multiple copies of this Brother Printer Driver at the list, then delete .

Pick your printer by the printer name checklist.

Further, either by the Utilization or Printer with the list option, you will want to make sure CUPS Driver has been selected (Revealed as Brother xxx-xxx CUPS Machine's Model).

Then, you've got to click on the Insert button, this manner, the printer driver will show up in the list and close to the Printer checklist.

You need to make an effort and publish and you'll observe the print. And also you also may observe some Brother Printer difficulty. If your printer prints clean pages and you are wondering is my buddy printer? You definitely need to require aid to solve this issue.

Assess the Printer Status:

Then it is possible to check out assess whether the ink on your printer is not. And so for

To twist on the printer and then tap the"Menu" button.

Today choose the ink volume option and tap on"OK" to look at the condition of the ink.

Re-insert that the Ink-cartridge or Toner in to the Printer:

You can extract and the toner. For this, you have to start the ink cartridge cap and pull the cartridge down to take out the cartridge. Then put straight back in precisely exactly the region and assess if your issue has resolved or not.

If a print head isn't cleaned correctly and you will find pieces of newspaper stuck also an situation can be faced by you.

Out of the printer tap the"Menu" button and then move to the ink section.

Pick the"Cleaning" option together with the assistance of the arrow and tap on"OK" to support.

Select the shameful colour initially and press on the blank or fine grab.

Currently pick one other shading capsules and then press on the wash.

Eventually, press on the cleanup choice.

Check Printing Alignment:

You can choose to Repair print alignment from the next measures:

Goto the ink section in the printer and then choose"Boost Print Quality".

Proceeding farther, you will want to tap the orientation option and pick the paper size based to that you really would like to match with your own printer.

Currently, push on the simple orientation, and also burden the document onto the tray.

In the beginning, press on the start.

Uncheck the Maintain Printed Records:

You can also assess whether you've got the paper's grade. If you don't need the quality that is ideal afterward you can also face an problem and the printer wont print onto the newspaper.

We ought to dive in the printer possessions.

Click on the complex option reachable from the menu .

Take a look at this RAW choice on the default type.

Push the okay key.

Beneath the high level tabuncheck the store printed documents.

Like any applications you could uninstall the printer driver and install it.

Out of the Windows PC, visit the apps section, and pick the controller panel from the alternative.

Then select Software and features substitute for decide on brother printer driver and then click on the"Uninstall" option.

Click "Yes" to begin the procedure and follow other on screen guidelines.

You need to restart your pc and then install the most recent version motorist.

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