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What can I do to check for water damaged parts on Sony Vaio laptop?

My friends roof leaked onto the back of the Sony Vaio PCG-7133L for about three to four hours, there was only one drop every five minutes.

The Vaio was turned on while the water was being dropped onto it, that day I sprayed it with comp cleaner after being advised to do so, then placed it in rice for about 8hrs.

I know there has to be water damage. What I don't know is what are the signs of water damage, I will post pictures after I know what to look for if that will help.

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DaJeepster, what damage do you have so far? What is not functioning as it should? It will be easier to answer if one can isolate the issues. Thanks.


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Water (or any liquid) will usually leave a noticeable residue. Check under the keyboard and anywhere else for signs of prior wetness and any remaining water that might be present. Having used computer-cleaner spray, this might be a little more difficult, but shouldn't be a big problem. It depends on how deep the cleaner got.

As you dismantle it, assuming that's your plan, look for any discoloration of the PCB and for where residue may have built up. I've seen wine, coffee, and water (residue) cause problems, but once cleaned off, the systems worked fine. The lone exception was, with the coffee situation, the battery-charging chip was completely covered in coffee, had overheated and burned out. The rest of the system was fine, fortunately.

I generally use electronics-safe distilled alcohol with foam-covered-cotton swabs and a toothpick (or other small, non-metal implement). Don't use metal unless you've got a REAL gentle touch. It's insanely easy to flake off layers of silicon with metal tools. More so if there's heat damage. This is a bad thing. (I know from experience.)

Obviously, I make no guarantees, but this is based on my own experience fixing various laptops.

I hope this helps!

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+ very good general answer to a general question.


+ very good start


can you help me aswell please someof my keys are not working /typing what Im only sure of is It was water damage. btw its a notebook,wireless,bluetooth keyboard


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Hi - I have spilt beer on my laptop and it was left tured on for a full day so the mother board is probably destroyed. Do you know if I got my motherboard cleaned professionally by a repair shop and then send it back to manufacturer would they be able to tell if it's water (beer) damaged??

It's still under warrenty and it's an expensive laptop?



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