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lcd replacement. I cant get the LCD out...

I'd like to see the document posted to Adz about the FS200, but all I get is this document no longer exists...HELP! I need to figure out how to open the camera to get the LCD out...!!!

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steve, are you saying you need a copy of it? I have the shared off on it since nobody needed it anymore. My email address is in my profile and it would be easier to contact me on that if you need it.


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Here it is

Part 1 and Part 2 Hope this helps you in resolving your issues. Please remember to download both parts...:-)

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+ Thank you for getting this back up. I didn't see your email in your profile at first glance. I know it is there now. I figured if I posted a comment on the other thread you would get an email and I did want to pass the baton.


That is perfectly okay, absolutely no problem at all :-) I just know how it is when you know there is a manual out there and you can't get at it. So good thing you left the comments, thanks.


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