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Apple iPhone 5s, 10 Eylül 2013 tarihinde duyuruldu. Bu cihazı tamiri, daha önceki modellerinkiyle benzerdir; tornavida ve plastik açma araçları gerekir. GSM ya da CDMA olarak, 16,32, 64 GB kapasiteli Gümüş, Altın ve Uzay Grisi renklerinde mevcuttur.

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Battery usage information gone

My iphone 5s battery usage information seems to have disappeared since i had my battery replaced a few weeks ago.

All i get is standby and usage times. "Battery usage information will be available after using phone for a few minutes" is the message I get.

Nothing appears to rectify this, I've restored to "as new" phone using iTunes, which has not rectified

Anyone else the same?

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Bu iyi bir soru mu?

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Just opened up my phone and confirmed its 100% NOT an apple battery fitted.

That's 2 repair shops who have down right lied to me.

I guess there are no substitute for genuine Apple batteries if you want quality and seamless usage


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The problem is related to your replacement battery. It doesn't appear to be communicating with the CPU and that can happen when you have aftermarket batteries installed. If you want to be certain, you could re-install the original battery if it's still available. Otherwise, contact your supplier to see if they can replace it.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I was assured it was a genuine battery that was installed. ( I had one fitted by another shop before this one but that turned out to be a poor quality battery)


Fraz, unfortunately apple will not sell their original batteries to ANYONE. At the various shops we sell the best batteries we can find that have the original specifications.


So it seems. The shop assured me they were able to get "genuine" batteries through trade suppliers, if course I didn't believe him but he was adamant it was the case.

The battery itself seems ok,just the usage info that isn't available


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