Xbox turns off, then on. Including video.

I've looked at many of the other answers about an immediate shut-off, but I wanted to see if a video and a more thorough description couldn't get an exact diagnosis.

I was playing a game one day, and the xbox suddenly shut off. Since then, it's been doing this:

And here's a video where I put my phone very close to first the xbox for one try, then the power supply for a second try, so you could hopefully clearly hear the sounds each is making. I also did a third try showing the power supply lights.

I've tried plugging the power supply directly into the wall. I also disassembled the xbox and blew the dust out of the heat sink and fan (there was quite a lot of it). After doing that (which is when first video above was taken), I could see that the fan was still working (or at least spinning).

If you can't hear it in the video, there's a heavy, "grind-like" whirring noise (that's the best way I can describe it) happening while the xbox is trying to power up. That sound is happening mostly in the power supply, but also slightly in the xbox itself, although I'm not sure from where. When I had it opened up it seemed the most likely place was the optical drive.

Before I buy something like this:

I just want to have a strong sense that that's actually going to fix the problem.

Thank you in advance!

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