How loosen power cable in vienna plus

Vienna Plus take apart

I saw the excellent description for the Vienna. The Vienna Plus is similar but I cant see how to loosen the power cable so I can remove the innards. The power cable in my 2013 model is locked in with a silver plate with no apparent way to loosen it. Any tip would be appreciated.

Below are three images showing my machine and how the power cable is locked in.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Problem solved: I called saeco service center. My 2013 model has the cable attached to the silver plate and THE PLATE and CABLE come out with the innards. However the other change is that the innards are snapped into the case and has to be released. To do that, there is an open rectangular slot behind and below the brew mechanism. You need to insert a lever and push the insides up from the case untill it is released. Then you can pull it out of the case. (cable and plate come with it). I used a crow bar to release it since it had a curve to get the leverage. Flat screw driver did not work.

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