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Did they definitely replace the battery?

Hello all,

I took in my iPhone 6S to the apple store for battery replacement today.

I handed my phone to them with about 23% battery charge.

I received it back with 26% battery charge which seemed rather odd, the assistant did not know why but said it was fine.

I checked the Battery Health (beta) and it says "Maximum Capacity 100%"

Does this mean they definitely changed the battery? or can they just reset the battery statistics so it says "Maximum Capacity 100%"

My battery wasn't completely shot before so I'm not sure whether it will be obvious to me just by using it.


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Did they do the repair for $29?


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Having the battery capacity being 100% means that they definitely replaced your battery. The longer you have a battery the lower the capacity will go down, so your new battery showing 100% capacity is exactly what you want. I'd recommend calibrating your battery by letting it drain to <10% then charging it all the way to 100%.

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for your question. For safety reasons, batteries are best changed at low capacity. Having the battery read very low (in this case 26%) after it is changed is most likely a sign that they were following best practices during the repair.

Also, good job in opting for replacing the battery rather than replacing the device.

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