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Sony Computer Entertainment tarafından üretilmiş bir oyun konsolu. PS4 olarak da bilinir. İlk olarak 20 Şubat 2013'de duyurulmuş ve 15 Kasım 2013'te satışa sunulmuştur.

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Fixing my broken hdmi port?

So basically my hdmi port for my ps4 doesn't work anymore..

A long time ago I had my phone connected to my ps4, and without recognition i pulled my phone and the ps4 fell. The pins had been loose for a long time until recently some broke off. My dad and I decided to replace the port.

We have completely took everything apart and now have just the motherboard, we tried soldering the hdmi port off but it didn't seem to work.

Is there anything else we need to use, the solder did not melt at all. Do we need a heating gun or whatever this flux stuff is.

My dad said the solder should've came off, but it didn't budge at all, no melting what so ever.

Please help, thanks.

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Hi Jake. If you are having trouble melting the solder, you may want to read up on soldering techniques or watch a few soldering guides.

Here are a few good soldering guides on youtube:

The HDMI connector on your PS4 is a surface mount connector. Here's an example of the connector from a electronics part supplier. It is attached to the main circuit board through surface mount pads. As long as the surface mount pads are not turn off or damaged, you should be able to replace the connector. Flux is a liquid that aids in the flow of solder, the medium that connects the leg of the connector to the pad of the circuit board. You will need some flux, a decent soldering iron, a fine pitch tip and a steady hand to replace the connector. You may want to research about reflow soldering as the pin pitch of the HDMI connector is rather small.

Good luck!

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