My MBP retina screen is flickering, what can I do?

Hi everyone,

my retina screen started to flicker suddenly, so I went to the Genius Bar. The Apple support engineer said he hadn't seen this before, as the flickering is not constant (e.g. if major part of the screen is black there is no flickering!).

Booting a clean macOS image or reseting PRAM/SMC didn't solve the issue, so he assumed it is hardware related, though no guarantee that by swapping the display the issue is gone. The graphics are not affected, on external display everything is fine. Has anyone seen this before and can tell what exactly is broken (display, controller, anything else?).

Here are some videos to show exactly the behaviour:


Part 1: Screen flickering after booting clean macOS installation


Part 2: Screen flickering stops after changing background color to black

Thank you for your help and if you know what it roughly cost to fix, please let me know!

Best regards,


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