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Why won't my iPhone 6s charge?

So I just received a new phone today as a replacement for my old phone that had a battery issue. I turn it on to plug it into the computer and it doesn't charge, I try my other 3 apple cords, nothing. Then I start to freak out a little as I haven't had a phone for the past month and my new one isn't charging. As a last resort I plugged my iphone into my power bank that has a lightning connector installed already. It works! Any idea on why this is?

Also I tried all my cords, different wall outlets, different ports on the computer, nothing seems to work! But yet, they all work with my ipad. Please help me, I just want to restore my phone back to before but it won't even charge with the computer or a wall outlet! what do i do ?

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I thinks it's fair to say that the iPhone 6S you received is not "new". So the question is, where did it come from? If it came from a shop/store or other reputable vendor, I would contact them to let them know there is a problem with the phone. If it came from eBay, you may have some recourse there. If you bought it from someone via a Craigslist or other person-to-person site, then try to reach out the previous owner to understand what the history of the device is. It seems a little unfair that you have to repair this phone unless you bought it knowing it had some issues.

At any rate, if you do have to fix it, it sounds more like a charge circuit issue. This could include the Lightning Port or the actual charge circuit on the logic board. You have a lot of variables so it's hard to say what is what.

Ideally, you will need to eliminate some variables so perhaps trying a new Lightning Port will help you better understand the problem. If that doesn't solve it, then it may be a logic board issue. You may want to consider having a shop look at this as they have all the spare parts to troubleshoot this problem.

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Yes so I had a warranty plan through Best Buy and they send you a refurbished phone as a replacement for the one that was broken. So they are supposed to be “brand new” also I have discovered a charger that works besides the portable charger but it is off brand and is the only one of the countless I have that will put a charge to the phone. I am going to wait it out to see how the phone continues to work and if there are any more problems I’ll send it back!


Check the charge port, as Anthony suggested to see if there is any lint buildup. Otherwise, you have a hardware issue with your phone. Just so you know, a refurbished phone is not new, even if it is shrink-wrapped. All refurbished phones are previously dead phones that were returned to Apple and repaired at a factory in China. Any cosmetic issues are also addressed. There's nothing wrong with this but there is a higher rate of issues with refurbished phones than truly new phones.


my iPhone 6 charger I got from the shop worked a minute ago but not it is not charging anymore plz help


I agree with above answer, The phone you received definitely isn't new. It has one of a few issues. Either the charging port is warn out, or it has an issue on the board. If possible, I would return for a new one since you received a lemon. If not possible and you are looking to fix it yourself, order a charging port, open the screen, disconnect the battery, then disconnect the charging port and try plugging in the new charging port. With the new charging port plugged in, test your charging chords to see if they work with the new port. If they do, you know its the charging port that has to be replaced. If they don't you will have to seek board level repair as there is a short with something.


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The most common thing we see in the shop is lint stuck up in your charge port. I would check that first then give your iPhone a hard reset. If your phone wont charge after the hard reset the next thing to check is to disconnect the battery. If disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't work you may need to replace charge port and/or the battery. I would take your iphone back if you can.

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