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Why can't I unlock my sim

i can't click on the "unlock" (or the "ok" for that matter) button when the "SIM locked" appears

theres nothing wrong with the screen

it ran out of battery and when it turned on i couldnt do it anymore

I've tried resetting it and hard reset AND I've already tried to remove and get back the sim slot

+ when i did remove the slot it shows up the "no sim card" message and I could not click on the "ok" option either

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Hmm thats really wierd make sure your screen is fully seated again, or try reinstalling ios to your phone if this doesnts help try going to the apple store where they csn scan your device

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I recently did a screen replacement but I've turned off and on my phone multiples times after that and they all worked fine. I have also resetted completely the device, the problem remains


Then i would highly recommend taking it to your local apple store to get more info on your situation


that's what I'll most likely do, however I've gotten it to work by going into settings>phone>SIM pin and disabling it


yah thats so weird! Apple will perform a full scan for free then you can pinpoint the issue and we can go from there


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