Released October 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 or 2.93 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Replaced cracked trackpad, now backlit keys aren't turning on.

I had a cracked trackpad and replaced it yesterday. Just noticed today that the backlit keys aren't lighting up anymore. Suggestions? Is there anyway I left something disconnected? I disconnected a number of ribbon cables in order to lift up the logic board enough to reach certain out of reach screws.

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Click on the step-by-step guides under the photo to your right. Then click on the upper case guide and go to step 21. Reseat that connector and see if it solves your problem.

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thanks! sure enough i'd left that cable undone. it was hiding under the left fan, didn't even notice it when i went plugging everything back in.


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