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Apple iPhone 5s, 10 Eylül 2013 tarihinde duyuruldu. Bu cihazı tamiri, daha önceki modellerinkiyle benzerdir; tornavida ve plastik açma araçları gerekir. GSM ya da CDMA olarak, 16,32, 64 GB kapasiteli Gümüş, Altın ve Uzay Grisi renklerinde mevcuttur.

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People can't hear me when I call them?

My iPhone 5s more often than not fails on first attempt at a call to someone.

Here’s what happens.

I call someone,they answer,I can hear them but they can’t hear me. I hang up and re dial and it’s fine. It doesn't matter whether I'm on the handset, loudspeaker or my BT earphones with mic, it happens with them all.

This started happening around 10months ago. The handset is 25months old.

I’ve tried lots of things,turning off WiFi,resetting phone to factory settings and setting up as new phone., latest iOS...nothing helps. I've been through various iOS updates so don't think it's software.

My carrier sent me out a new SIM card to try and resolve but it's not helped at all.

I have decent signal most of the time when it happens.

Anyone able to help try and pin point issue?

Thinking it could be a hardware issue?

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Hi @fraz1001 try using an earpiece with mic and make a test phone call.

Observe the results and update us :)


Should have said, it doesn't matter whether I'm on the handset,loudspeaker or my BT earphones with mic.

The fault occurs on all 3 methods


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For your headset not to be working this is either a collaboration of parts that are failing. (Charger port, microphone, front camera flex, etc. . . ) Or you are having motherboard issues. A long shot could be a software problem but that would be a lot harder to determine and fix on an iPhone.

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Try to change the piece that contains the connector, the mic and the speaker in the iPhone

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