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The Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive) is Sega's most successful video game console to this date.

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Why does my sega gensis get sound but no picture?

I recently took my console over to my girlfriend's house and tried plugging it into her cable box with the regular RF cable and then realized this was not going to work. I brought it back home and when trying a new game, I would get sound but no video, when before this trip it was working. I thought I was very careful with it and I have tried blowing out the game port but that hasn't worked. I have tried multiple games with the same problem of sound but no video. I want to play maximum please?

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Jibran Humayun all you have to do now is to convert your comment to an answer and then to accept it. That way we know that you fixed it. Good job to take a closer look....


I can't find that option. You go ahead.


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Oh man well it looks like I was in panic mode when I came on here because all I needed to do was bend one of the RF prongs back into place because it had been bent in travel.

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