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Guides and repair information for assorted graphics cards, also known as video cards, graphics adapters, or display adapters.

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Graphics card doesn't display anything. Fan at 100%

Hi, I bought two graphics card from Aliexpress, they are both GTX 750 and used.

One is working perfectly while the other one doesn't display anything on the monitor and I don't think its even detected by the motherboard.

I already got refunded for the non-working one. Upon close inspection of the PCB, I find out that some small parts are missing from the non-working one as compared to the other.

Here are the pictures of the cards,

Working graphics card :

Block Image

Non-working :

Block Image

What I want to ask is, could those missing parts be the reason why the card isn't working and if yes, are they something that's easily replaceable? What are they called anyways?

Thanks for reading.

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@ukim your video card is missing a crystal. It has to do with the frequencies of your video card. Check the number on the part of the working card (looks like 27.000 MhZ) and see if you can cross reference that with anything available at places like or digikey to com etc.

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Thank you very much for the fast reply. On the second picture, notice that I used two arrows, there are other two parts missing as well, pointed by the bright red arrow. They are very small and I wasn't able to take pictures of them for the working one and are behind the big silver thingy (oscillator?).


those are most likely capacitors. Use your working card and check those with a smart meter.


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