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Battery not detected, stays on Amber light

I bought a used macbook air off ebay and was told it was tested for weeks and worked fine before receiving, including the battery. When I first powered it up the screen showed for a split second then turned off and would not turn on. I connected a charger to it, and everything about the macbook works perfect except for these battery issues:

1. The charger stays in the Amber color forever, it never goes green

2. The battery symbol at the top right corner is missing. In energy saving mode after pressing 'show battery status' in menu bar, a battery symbol with a full charge and a lightning bolt appears for a split second, then immediately disappears and it unchecks itself

3. In system information -> power, it says there is no battery installed

4. After downloading coconut battery, it says there is no battery installed and every option is '0'

5. When unplugging the mac from the charger it immediately turns off, I have not been able to replicate the split second of power that I experienced when I first turned it on

Here is what I have tried from searching on the forum but has not worked:

1.. Reinstalling the OS, there is no backup disk so I can't do that

2. Resetting the SMC

3. I have tried different chargers, and my second macbook charges fine with both of them

If you guys have any suggestions i'd be glad to try them out! I would prefer not opening the macbook as I do not have the tools to do it and have never done it before, but if there is no other solution I will either buy the tools or return the macbook

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In most cases there is probably liquid damage on the logic board and some liquid damage can only be spotted under a microscope.

I recommend taking it to a reputable repair shop that does board level repairs for MacBooks as diagnosing a no battery detection issue usually requires lots of diagnosing and troubleshooting board level wise.

More info here while it's for a MacBook pro the same general application applies:

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Unfortunately I live in a very rural area with no computer shops nearby. Do you think this is fixable by myself? Your video makes me think otherwise haha. I want to be able to fix this but if you think this is something more serious I will return it.


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