Replacement LCD not working, rainbow colored vertical lines

My original LCD cracked so I ordered a new LCD for model A1286. Having replaced the LCD I now only get a white background with rainbow colored vertical lines covering most of the center of the display.

Concerned that this was an issue with my disassembly I reconnected the old (cracked) lcd and it is still working perfectly (apart from the crack). Therefore I don't consider this to be an issue with the connections.

Connecting to an external monitor still works. I also tried resetting the PRAM and PMU but makes no difference.

Any advice for next steps would be greatly appreciated.

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Since your old LCD works and the new one fails, I have to think the LVDS cable is OK. Check to see if the new LCD is the same brand and part number as the old one. If they are identical, I would say the new one is defective. Check the reputation of your supplier, was the part new or used?

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