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The Canon Rebel T6i is a popular, semi-professional grade Camera designed for any user. This guide is meant to aid in the repair of a few common problems that may occur during normal use.

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canon 750d shutter repair

canon 750d shutter repair

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Error 30 is really bad on Canon. It's a confirmed shutter failure (mechanically dead, or electrical). You can read more about it here.

It's often a "EOL" shutter, which was only rated up to ~50k on older budget Canons like this (newer ones from the Txi line are ~100k, non "i" is still ~50k). To make it worse, there's no way verify the actuation count on all of these cameras; you have to have the right one with the right processor (DIGIC II or newer), or go in blind and hope it's not near the end with used. Since these are purchased by amateurs, most of these never meet that rating due to being abused and die early. If it was taken care of, it might but don't expect it to happen on a entry level body. The bad news is it's usually not something you can clear with a battery; it's usually the shutter - worth a try, but don't buy a genuine pack; get a good clone, to make the inevitable hurt less. The usual warning on Canon when the shutter is toast is cameras continuously operate the shutter. This is very bad, and should be assumed a dead camera until you can run it in a non critical setting with a new battery reliably for 1-2 months. Yes, it's THAT likely to fail again.

It's best to get this repair done professionally since the entire camera needs to be taken apart unless you can do it yourself and are willing to run the camera due to a disassembly error. Even as a DIY repair, unless you can get a NOS shutter or it isn't obsolete, the cost vs body only price for a prosumer model tends to be the end of these.

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I had the constant error code. I tried everything. I decided to order a replacement shutter on eBay. Didnt need it after I opened the back case of the camera, I spotted a small ion battery attached to the main board...took it out. Put the main battery back in, cycled through the on and off switch, put the small battery back in place and BAM straight to the setup screen. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't have technical skills, cam is still under warranty. You will need a tiny screw driver to get those pita screws out. Cheers!

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change shutter


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