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Repair guides and support for gas and electric hot water tanks, boilers and household heat exchangers.

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Why won't the pilot light stay lit?

I'm trying to relight my water tank but the pilot light will not stay lit. What is the reason for this?

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Cause 1


Some water heaters use an igniter to ignite the gas. If the igniter fails, the burner will not light. To determine if the igniter is defective, first make sure the igniter is getting voltage. If the igniter is getting voltage, but it doesn’t glow, this indicates that the igniter is defective and should be replaced.

Cause 2

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch closes when the proper airflow is achieved, signaling the control board to continue the ignition process. If the pressure switch is defective, the ignition process will stall, and the water heater will not light.

Cause 3


The thermocouple detects the pilot flame. If the thermocouple does not detect a flame, the ignition process will stall, and the burner will not light.

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I appreciate the help! I replaced the thermocouple and now we have hot water again. Now.... To fix my ac.


how do you repair the pressure switch?


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Always observe safety precautions when lighting a water heater pilot with an ignition mechanism. It would be wise to remember you are working with combustible gas. I recommend checking your water heater for any gas leaks first before igniting the pilot light.

You can use a gas leak sniffer for this purpose.

If you prefer the old-school method, you can make a soapy solution and apply it over the gas connection. Bubbles in the area suggest a possible gas leak. You might want to retighten the gas line connection.

It would also be best to check the gas connection for a thin and yellow PTFE tape. This product provides a good seal, similar to Teflon tape for water connections. If the sealant is absent, you might want to disconnect the gas line, wrap PTFE tape around the thread, reinsert it, and retest for gas leaks.

If none of the solutions worked, you might want to forego the pilot lighting and instead call a professional to fix the issue.

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