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The Nexus S is a smartphone co-developed by Google and Samsung was the first smartphone to use the Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system.

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Water damaged Nexus s. . . everything works, except the phone!

So, I may have been in a boat with my beloved Nexus S in my pocket and then, I may have fallen into the river. As a result my Nexus S cannot make phoe calls any more.

It still turns on, screen works perfectly all music etc is still on it and the speakers work too! I can connect to wifi and use all my apps. . . It just wont find signal to make a call

I have checked the sim card in other phones and it still works (i.e. in other phones I can still make calls)

Does anyone know what would be the best thing to do? Is there a replaceable part for the aerial say?

I am amazed it works at all!? it spent a few days on top of a hot radiator (battery out/sim out) after the event and that almost saved it. just not quite enough!

All thoughts appreciated!

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HI Fred,

Am not sure if you already got the phone repaired or not. As I broke my nexus S, I need some parts of nexus S. If you want to sell it please do let me know. I would like to buy this phone.




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fred, take a look at your sim card contacts. Make sure that there is no debris or corrosion on them and that they still make contact with the card.

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Thanks old turkey, The phone recognizes when it does and doesn't have a sim card in it it just wont get any signal. . . I think I must have managed to short JUST the aerial! literally everything else works. do you know where abouts the aerial is?

thanks for your help


My EVO 4G encounter the similar problem now.

I'm in the strong rain in a typhoon recently which destroyed my umbrella and wet me fully with the phones in my pocket, but at first it still works, but I can see a lot water come into the phone, and my another phone does not work well immediately.

I should have put it at some dry and windy place for some days, but I kept to use it.

But yesterday night the phone call and 3G data functions don't work again.

All the other functions work well.

I'll buy the required screwdrivers to teardown it to see what's the problem inside today.


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My brother had the same experience with his BlackBerry Flip when his Canoe tipped over. His phone was completely submerged in the water. When he returned home he took the removable components such as battery ect.out to help it dry. At this point nothing was working. Then I told him to get a bowl of dry rice and bury your phone in it. We left it sitting in the bowl of rice for hours, oddly as it sounds. By the time we replaced the battery, almost all the moisture was completely gone. The phone powered on and has since been working perfectly for him. LCD and all. Maybe if its not too late this could help your situation. Hope so.

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You need to open the phone. The hump on the back bottom of the phone is the antenna shaped thing and that is the one that got wet when I opened my phone after the flood. Fortunately, the innards of the phone did not got wet after 40 minutes of being submerged. And it still workd fine no. Avoid turning the phone on when if it is not working as normal as before. It can have short circuits inside due to water..

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