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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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Ice maker (Whirlpool wrs325fdam02) not working right.

The problem: ice is no longer being made. Water dispenses fine. Ice control arm is in the lower (on) position.

Attempted fixes: replaced water filter, replaced ice maker (entire unit) and replaced the water control valve.

Ice maker is cold enough. Water pressure is high enough. What am I missing? Water is not being called for in the ice maker? New control valve installed 2 days ago at water intake.

Is there anyone that can direct me to something I might have missed here?

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You’ve replaced the major issues. Now for minor ones to look at.

Cause 1

Door Switch

The door switch turns off the ice and water dispenser when the refrigerator door is open. If the door switch fails, the dispenser will not turn on. To determine if the door switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the door switch does not have continuity when activated, replace it.

Cause 2

Icemaker Mold Thermostat

The icemaker mold thermostat monitors the temperature of the ice mold (ice tray). Once the mold reaches the proper temperature, the icemaker ejects the ice cubes and refills the ice mold with water. If the mold thermostat is defective, the ice maker will stop making ice. To determine if the thermostat is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the mold thermostat does not have continuity, replace it. (Note: If the ice maker is not cold enough, the mold thermostat contacts will open. If the thermostat contacts are open, the ice maker will not make ice. The ice maker temperature must generally be lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit for the thermostat contacts to close.)

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Ice maker thermostat is in the icemaker unit isn't it? I replaced the entire unit. Or is it separate and located elsewhere?


Door switch lights up the freezer section. Is there another door switch?


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