plays allowed w headphones in

My i pod nano plays music out loud even when i have my ear plugs in?

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alos its never seen the rain. i do put it in my shirt when i run but i dont sweat alot at all?


well that is good ;-) rules out water damage. But not sure why you are thinking that this may be a problem


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khristina here is one of my previous How do you turn off the external speaker? for the same problem as yours "It usually turns of when you plug your headphones in. If that does not happen, check for debris i.e.pocket lint inside the headphone jack. You can use a wooden toothpick (just be really careful that it does not break off or pushes in to far. You can also use compressed air (again carefully) to clean it. Connect and disconnect the headphones a couple of times, since since may get a stuck contact working again. Sometimes a simple restore will take care of it too. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. Press and hold the menu and center buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears." Let us know if this helped and good luck to you

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