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Is it possible to test iPhone 8 LCD prior to install?

I'm in the process of replacing the LCD on an iPhone 8. In the past (on older models), I've always tested the LCD prior to transferring all of the LCD assembly components. However, when I connect the LCD ribbon cables and power up the phone it only displays the Apple logo. If I disconnect the battery and reattach the LCD cables of the OEM screen the phone boots up. What components of the old LCD assembly HAVE to be attached to the new one to test it prior to a full install? Could it be the home button assembly not being installed or something not being grounded or any essential screws?

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Thanks Ben. Got my triwing bits in and connecting the home button did the trick. Booted up like a charm.


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You are right, you need at least a home button plugged to LCD for phone to boot up normally.

If this is going to be your first screen replacement on a 8 phone, please be careful of the front camera assembly especially where the proximity sensor and ambient light sensor is.

Their next to each other and are held in snug with plastic gasket (one piece to hold both) and a bit of glue. I recommend heating them up well (80°C for like 5-10 seconds) to weaken / loosen the glue and adhesive.

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Thanks. After posting this as I was performing additional research. I came across information indicating the screen issue could be the result of the iOS version as well, is that true? Thanks for the additional info regarding the front camera assembly/housing.


What do you mean by screen issue?

Are you referring it being stuck on apple logo or the ambient light sensor where auto brightness does not work after screen replacement or something else?


Indeed without the home button, it may take a very long time to boot. I would normally remove the home button and front cam from the broken screen. Then attach the front cam directly to the mother board, and the home button to the new screen, power on, and test. If all ok, I would assembly properly.


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