Why is my M7 constantly rebooting without allowing access to settings?

My HTC One M7 is constantly rebooting without allowing access to anything but the reboot page. Can't get into settings or apps or anything.

I tried power and + and - volume, and that does bring up other menus but I tried all of them except factory re-set and none work, it just goes back to constantly rebooting (and getting very hot) . I don't want to do factory re-set as for long time the phone has refused to sync before this rebooting episode occurred and much data and photos I want to keep are not backed up.

There's a Youtuber who suggests the problem could be a faulty power switch, but his film clip is on at least x2 speed, probably faster and its impossible to see what he does to fix problem. Anyone out there got a solution for me please?

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Take 99% Alcohol q-tip and clean around the power switch, blow out with air. If there is a two-combo button press to reboot, clean the other button also.

Only works if some foreign contaminant is in switch.


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