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A gaming laptop released by Asus with a CD/DVD drive.

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Graphics is flickering after Windows 10 update

Hi community,

today, I've got problem with my GL552VX Notebook with Intel HD 530 and GTX960M.

After Windows Update was completedly done, I was suprised. The display of notebook was flashing and changing colours. I've decided to restore my Windows via Factory Reset, but nothing happend. I've got some problem like before and I tried these options:

1 - Restore Graphics Card driver

2 - Disable Graphics Card driver (after this way, it stopped flashing and display was fine, but notebook is slowly and I'm not able to use secondary graphics card)

3 - Update Graphics card to the last version

4 - Uninstall last version of driver in safe mode

5 - Install last version of driver in safe mode

I really don't know, what just happend, but I think, it will be hardware problem with Intel HD 530 Card - I need to ask you with better experiences.

PS: When notebook was after restart, graphics card running perfectly to first black screen and sleep mode.

Please, share your experiences and ideas to fix this problem.

Link: Photo of problem (via mobile device)

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Hi @jsbcjak ,

I realize that you said that you updated the drivers.

Where did you get the Intel drivers from?

If it was from Asus then there are newer ones available from here -select the Skylake link (I think that this is what your CPU is - double check though)

Worth a try.



It's from official Intel website and update console. There isn't any latest driver than I already have.


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this is a hardware issue.

step 1. clean the fan with compressed air

step 2. clean off the old thermal paste and apply new one

step 3. re-flow the graphics chip with a hair dryer on low temperature.

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Gaming laptops such as this model tend to overheat and it is best to use it whilst it is on a flat surface such as a desk and do not use it on the bed as it takes in alot of dust and clogs the fans.

it is a good practice on replacing the thermal paste on the heat sink and processor and gpu once every year or 2 times a year if you area a heavy gamer as it hardens over time and drys out and causes it to overheat and malfunction.




as I think, your solution is the best, but it doesnt work. I know about heating graphics chip using a hair dryer, but after it, laptop works about 2 hours and then I have seen same problem as like as before.

I think, that problem will solve only new motherboard, what do you think?


@jsbcjak as after cleaning the hardware unable to resolve issue look for a replacement if needed


Reflow with a hair dryer on low temp? Got to be a joke.


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Try to boot into BIOS select to restore factory settings in BIOS press f10 then f9 then hit enter to save and reboot.

If error not resolved press windows + R button and search for task manager if it is also flickering then it may be a display driver error. reinstall the driver, clear temp, clear cookies, and delete registry associated to it.

Now, restart the system and install drives latest version again. If still error occurs you can search for the app causing problem and uninstall the app.

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As you can see, I already tried reinstall drivers and windows too. Bios was restored and problem wasn't solved. There is no apps on the background after windows factory reset.

Display won't flickering after disable Intel HD 530 device in device manager, but it wasn't solution. Any better idea?


Facing the same issue with GL552vw series. If I use the older driver from asus driver and download section the external display is working good. But after the update of graphics driver from intel. com or windows update the flicker is happening randomly and while playing games its start flickering with blue lines. Replace motherboard 3 times same issue.


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