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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Replaced Video Screen, worked 1 week, got hot, won't boot

Hello, Great site & instructions! After dropping my 60G video ipod the screen was unreadable. I used it this way for a year with no problems, mostly in my car with a Kenwood deck & auxiliary iPod controller. I purchased and installed a replacement screen which worked great for about a week in the car. Then one day it just stopped playing. The front center of the iPod was hot to the touch. At this point it will not power up or reset.

Today I reopened the iPod to inspect the connections, all looked good. I found a shim under the clickwheel which was the same exact size as the ground tab. I reassembled the ipod with the shim in place on the ground tab. When I connect to the car stereo, I see the apple icon on the screen but it is very dark. It never comes on and there is no control. Tried to reboot, it tries to and never comes on. When I connect it to my PC, it doesn't react. Ideas? Solder a wire from the ground tab to the chassis? Thanks!

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I tried charging it on the PC again last night, no response. I plugged it into the car system today and it got hot on the front panel and got a dimmed apple logo as it did before. Thoughts? Thanks!


Thanks for the reply! I went back inside it today and found that R14 has broken off and disappeared, probably when I replaced the video screen. It's located on the clickwheel PCB, next to two black IC's, one is JM55VL. If you are looking from the front of the iPod, it is at the bottom right corner. Does anyone know the correct value? Thanks!


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Jim the thing that comes to my mind right now is that you have a logic board error and that the IC for the power management is getting to hot. It could also be the battery, less likely so. I had this happen myself and actually fried the battery that got to hot as well and destroy the screen in the process. So I would start with a new battery, recheck your connections and after that take another close look at the logic board.I am not sure about your idea to solder a ground wire to the chassis. You can replace the ground from the logic board to the frame by using the old ground as a pattern on aluminum foil. Done it twice and worked for me. Also try to connect your ipod to a regular wall charger and also try to see if it is recognized by your computer and itunes. Good Luck and let us know

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