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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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MacBook Pro mid 2010 does not turn on

My Mid 2010 13 inch Macbook Pro does not turn on anymore. There is no chime and display does not turn on, like it’s completely dead.

When I started troubleshooting I realized that my battery was swollen so I removed it. I checked the logic board for any water damage etc but it seems pretty clean on the inside.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose the problem or should I just replace the logic board?

Additional info:

Before I removed the battery I could see the green light on the MagSafe connector and battery charge indicator worked properly. When I tried the SMC reset it did not help but the Magsafe light would change to yellow after I release the power button.

Now after I removed the battery it doesn’t happen but battery charge indicator blinks. I can still see the green light on the Magsafe.

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Did you replace the battery? You'll need to do that.


Hi Dan, thank you for your response.

Is it possible to turn on the laptop without battery, using power adapter?


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Green means "charged" and amber means "charging." Seeing a green light on your MagSafe means it's getting the signal that they battery is fully charged; there's no other diagnostic info related to this light.

May be the logic board is faulty. Before coming to the conclusion check the adapter also.

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Hi thanks for your comment. Before removing the battery I checked with another power adapter and it did not work.


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