What to Check for on 27" Thunderbolt Display with no Backlight

Greetings folk, here is another one for us today:

I got this 27” Thunderbolt Display for less than $50 with no backlight.

The LCD is up and running with the flashlight test but here is the interesting part that makes this one unique: I don’t get any backlight upon connecting the thunderbolt cable, not even a flash.

Is it possible that this is still the same issue that is fixed by bridging some 3.3v connection on the LED driver IC?

I can use the speakers, ethernet, and webcam, so it’s not an issue with the cable and there is no visible damage to the logic board.

Block Image

I am looking for a quick list of things to check, thanks for any and all comments!


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This answer might be useful Low light or no backlight on LCD


I've seen so many of these and I still can't figure it out either. I've even replaced the Backlight driver and it didn't do anything. If you bridge a connection you will get full power to the backlight but you won't be able to dim the display.


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