Why does my iPhone screen have this backlight bleeding

Hi i have changed my iphone 6 screen and now that evething is finished , i have noticed a that the screen has a white point just under the camera , when the screen is lifted of the phone it doesn’ t do that , i think something is touching the screen but i dont’t know what , i tried severe thing but every time that i put the screen back in the phone this white spot comme back

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Normally, this would be a pressure point. As you say, you need to verify that everything lines up within the phone. That area is pretty empty so I would say that the issue would be with how you assembled the Front Camera/Sensor Flex..or if the screen assembly came fully populated, then it may have been improperly assembled at the factory.

The other possibility is that the replacement screen is simply partially defective.

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Did you take the logic board out? If so, then the bracket at the edge of the logic board by the volume buttons is on upside down and causing a lift. You should be able to just feel if you have something causing a lift there or if this is inherent to the screen itself. I know that I pull the backlight partially off of screens all the time to differentiate no image from no backlight—when i press it back together it will often have spots like these where the “pages” of the backlight are no longer “stickered” to the screen as they used to be.

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