Apple LED Cinema Display all in one cable pinout 922-8679

need all in one cable mini dp pinout for 24 cinema display. plan to splice pins but chip seems revered maybe. is it same as the plug or source sync side.

can’t find cable online except shady sites BBB says report of not receiving 922-8679. power and usb good shows system report cam speakers etc no display connector busted.

Please help

Update (08/18/2018)

Microsoft PowerPoint - K23_LM270WQ1-SDA2 CAS Ver1.0_090916 this is the display specs for 24 apple cinema

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What part of the cable is damaged the DisplayPort or the MagSafe?


Mini display port. I do not have an authentic Apple mini display port cable. Which is my next step.I do have knock offs which I pinned out for lanes 0123 ground hot plug config 1,2 power etc. The Apple Cinema all in one only has 12 wires plus the ground. Some ground correspond with a single pin and not with the outer ground shell. The chip on the Apple Cinema is labeled and I did continuity test and I recall they reflect plug side. The rest of the pins I believe are ground or not used the connector was smashed. I can take a picture of it Sunday night. I’m confused sorry and thank you

So more or less I’m not sure if it is source sink side or connector plug side that I am dealing with I assume connector plug. If you know of a legitimate site that sells all in one cable for no more than 150 please let me know. Then again I did not rule out the backlight yet.



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