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Mart 2016'da Samsung tarafından yayımlanmıştır. Model SM-G930V.

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After change the screen and charging port s7 dies (no boot no charging


So,I replaced the screen (LCD and glass) (tested before the assembly and it work ) and the charge flat,

First time,before remounting all, I try to test the fix and the phone work all (screen,touch,charging port) except the touch button,so I've unplug and replug the charge flat connector to the motherboard and next the phone sems die,doesnt charge,no led,no screen,nothing :(

I've checked all connector to motherboard and seems good, what's happened?

The only strange things I remember is a “low temperature” message when I test the phone the first time.

I tried with another battery and doesn't work don't charge and don't open :(

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The black plate and his connector seems good,

I tried to charging with wireless charger (with black plate mounted obv) and the phone doesn't say anything,

I've thinking maybe I broke the motherboard with my hands (without gloves ) making some shortcut,or is difficult?


I would put back the black plate, (make sure to use all the screws or the connections might not be secure) and connect to power, to see if you get the low temp sign. Note that if the phone is off, you will not get a sign that says "low temp" (or whatever) it will only flash a warning.

If you don't get the low temp nor does it charge then you might have done some damage to the plate that is hard to see. Or you might be right and you damaged the motherboard with your hands. But I always work bare hand and I have never damaged (knock on wood) a mother board.

The only time I damaged the board was when I forgot to disconnect the battery before soldering some things (bad idea)


first,thanks for the reply Santiago:)

i remounting all black plates,except rear cover,but no signs of life :(

I hope I did not burn the motherboard but i think yes :( , I left it a bit in charge and it's all cold (normally if charged, a minimum heats up), just no sign of life no vibrations or led or any signals, the pc does recognize it.

my wireless charger recognize it but the phone remain cold.


Good news!!

I tried to boot the phone without the flat USB and work like a charms!!

Was the new flat USB broken!!

Now I try to replace with the old one ,Unfortunately I will loose the soft button


awesome!! :d


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The S7 comes with a battery temp. sensor that if you don’t replace, it will not charge saying that the battery temperature is too low. You might have damaged this and maybe while testing you drained the battery and you are not able to charge again because of the low temp.

The temp sensor is attached to the wireless charging coil (that thin black layer over the battery) check the connections between this and the phone.

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