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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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IS this connector for an M.2 SSD? Lenovo Ideapad Undocumented JSSD1

Lenovo Ideapad 110 171IKB 80VK - i5 7200U - HD620 GFX

MB: Nano 7C1 - Comes with 1TB Spinner

The attached image is the inside of the laptop (obviously)

I’ve searched everywhere for information about this model supporting

a M.2 SSD. Clearly the connector is present, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere

in the manual or elsewhere.

  • What kind of SSD would it support? NVME?
  • Many M.2 SSD’s are 80mm long, and evidently this model has a reused motherboard from another laptop, therefore not designed for it. The space as shown in the image is 70mm, so it would require moving the CD/DVD Rom connector daughterboard ‘over’. For me this is fine as I am going to switch out the dvd drive for a 3rd SSD, including changing the original main drive as well. Further, I would have to fabricate a mounting point for the single screw at the bottom of ‘said M.2 SSD, not a problem for me, I have several 3d printers ..or some hot glue :)

If anyone can shed some light on what kind of SSD is compatible that would be Ultra Excellent, as I dont have stores anywhere here, and I’d like to order the right one first.

PS, KEEP UP the good work iFIXit! We all have your back!

Block Image

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Excellent, thank you for your reply, yea i think i came across that vid in my travels, but i couldn't ascertain if it was close enough to this machine, looks completely different and the main board is different. i agree regrettably that it's likely just a standard m2 - darn, nvme is like 4 times faster- howevenanor, Faster than a spinner anyway :) I just thought because it's using this newer Nano 7c1 board, it may have inherited some good genetics from a higher model. At any rate Thank you for your time.


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Yep that M.2 slot supports a standard m.2 data SSD, don't think NVMe would work on the low end model of ideapads here is a youtube video showing that it works:

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