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This is the device page of the Medion Akoya (P6630) MD 98560.

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Want to reset, but both power recovery and windows recovery fails. WTD

Hey Guys,

my old Akoya is supposed to get at least a temporary life as a gaming pc for my 10 year old. I know - he will soon out run it, ..

Anyways - We got the machine running, and something is not right. Rebooting - cant continue VISTA as usual. Windows recovery not working. Power Recovery (F11 at boot) gets stuck (Letting it hang for hrs to see if any changes). What to do?

Hope you have some good suggestions. Thanks!

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First of all I suggest that you upgrade to a newer edition of Windows - Vista is pretty old at this point and Microsoft does not support it anymore. On top of that it is unreliable.

You could try installing a new copy of Vista (removing all data from the laptop) if you still have the license key of the old one. You’d just need to make a USB stick bootable with a Windows image with one of the many tools available online (this is what you should do if you decide to ditch Vista for W7 or W10).

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