Failed restore. Tried plugging into wall outlet but still won't work.

iPod 60GB "photo" (1st gen to have color display, from 2005).

Was still running strong, but had gotten cluttered with duplicates, had no room to add new music.

So, I tried to do a "Reset/Restore" in iTunes in order to clean it up and replace music I didn't use much with new stuff. I'm using a pretty recent version of iTunes on a MacBook that I bought new about 15-18 months ago.

Went OK until it said that to complete the reset, I had to disconnect from the computer and plug the iPod into the wall charger. I don't have the original wall adapter from 2005, but I have a combo car/wall charger as well as my Kindle USB/Wall plug-in. I've used 2 different USB/iPod cables with these (one from an iPod nano and one an aftermarket type that came with the car/wall combo charger).

Still the iPod does NOTHING but display the "adapter plugging into wall" icon. I've also plugged the iPod into my MacBook and into a Windows machine, and neither one recognizes that anything at all has been plugged in.

Is there any way to at least force the iPod/MacBook combo to recognize that a device has been plugged in? Or is there a specific type of wall adapter/USB cable that this type of iPod will acknowledge so the #@%! thing will go to the next phase of the 'reset/restore'?

Thanks in advance!

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David, it is doing what it is supposed to do. This generation iPod requires a FIREWIRE adapter to complete its restore. the USB does not complete the restore...iPod only shows power adapter being plugged in to wall outlet? again, it is not the device that has an error. All you need to do is get FIREWIRE to complete what you started. Good Luck

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