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Bluetooth on my Tronsmart is not working. I don't see it on other devi

It seems that a Bluetooth on my Tronsmart is not working. It eas working, but since today my other devices don’t see Tronsmart so I can not connect to it. How do I reset it.

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I've owned this speaker for a few months. It was working perfectly until it just stopped connecting to my phone which is what I'm using to play music. It no longer auto connects and when I go to my Bluetooth settings to manually connect it just says "connection unsuccessful". I tried the fix suggested above and that doesn't work either.


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Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our product and sorry for any inconvenience caused you. Could you please reset the mega by holding play/pause button to reset and try again.

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Brand new tronsmart element force + not working what should I do. I already charge almost half day but still not working


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I bought two of these and one represents itself as: Tronsmart Element Mega, like it supposed to, but the other one appears on bluetooth list as: NGS Roller Creek, which I understand is a totally different product by another company. Therefore the two speakers CAN NOT be used together with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function as they won't connect to each other.

My thinking is, the manufacturer ripped off the NGS Roller Creek firmware and forget to rename it.

There is no support and no way to get any help, but in this case there's nothing to be done.

This will never happen if buy product from the well-known brands like: JBL, SONY, etc. Therefore TRONSMART will never become one of these brands.

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