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Where can I find this blown thermistor?

My tv clicks when I plug the power cable on, but when I press power, the 'Lamp' , 'Timer' and 'Standby' Lights all blink in unison. I opened up the back and I am seeing a blown thermistor on the power supply board, on it is written 'KL 15L 5R1' and on the board where it is soldered is printed 'GT804' and 'NT802S'. I want to change the blown thermistor instead of buying a whole new power board for $100+, where can I find the thermistor part #NT802S in the US?

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Ryan, the values are taken from the manual and thus should help you to find a US supplier. Try or as well as many others. What's wrong with the shops in Australia ;-) like this one

Code No. Description ; Specification

1404-001045 THERMISTOR-NTC;4.7ohm,15%,2900K,35.0mW,T

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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I found a supplier that has one with:

Resistance@ +25'C = 5ohm +/- 20%

Max steady state current = 5 amps

Resistance @ Max Current = 0.1 ohm nominal

Is this close enough?


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