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The latest phone in the HTC One line, simply called the HTC 10, released in 2016.

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Why is the htc not rebooting?

My phone was on 35%battery, put it to charge and it automatically switched off. Several attempts were made to get it powered up but no success.

I tried all the tricks with the toggle buttons, still nothing. The HTC android screen appears…then shuts downs again. The battery sign comes on showing 0% stays for a while then nothing. I tried several different charging cables no change in the phone.

The phone is only 18months old, however i have experienced a bootloop once before.

Any suggestions to fix would be greatly appreciated.

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I think my phone's got the same issue. it started with some troubles charging and after a while it stopped charging. now its battery is out and it can't charge anymore, the red LED indicator doesn't turn on when I plug it in.

The question is whether it's a battery issue or it's the charging IC and which one needs to be replaced.


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Try to access recovery mode so we can do a hard reset with the guide below.

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I tried both soft and hard reset. Pressed buttons for two and more continuous and the phone never switched on


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If the battery is low (under 70%) nothing works anymore. Only external USB power will help. The battery power can drop from 100% to 0% within two clicks, starting an app and the phone shuts down. To fix this: battery replacement…

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