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Released in 2012: This bagless canister vacuum has a 3-speed motor and cyclonic design, identified by model number 78423.

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There's a hole in my vacuum hose

I think there’s a hole in my vacuum hose, how do I find it?

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Take the hose off and tape one end up, fill it with water. Fill the tub and dunk it in pull it out… If it leaks, you got a hole. Completely dry before using it as it has electrical wiring in it.. basically the ends need to be completely dry.. if the hose is not damaged, if I remember the ribbing on the hose is the electrical wiring.

The top where it plugs into the metal rod of the power head it twists to tighten it?

A used hose from a vacuum cleaner repair shop will cost ya 25-35. The vacuum cost me around $350 every time I bought one, lasted 2-3 yrs.

I use a Shark from Target now. (Costco sells them too) Cost $175. Amazing how much dirt it picked up after I just vacuumed with my Kenmore Canister.

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You’ll likely need a second pair of hands to help you with this. Get from the hardware store a smoke stick tester which just creates smoke and a marker to note the holes.

You’ll need to turn the hose around so instead of vacuuming it’s blowing. If you can’t connect the hose directly use some cardboard and tape to create the needed seal to guide the vacuums exhaust into the hose.

You’ll want to get the smoke stick near the vacuum end to suck the smoke into the vacuum and on to the hose.

Place your hand over the open hose end so the air has less of an exit. You’ll want to have a marker handy to mark the hose where the smoky air exits. Cloth bicycle handle bar tape is a good choice to patch the hose.

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